Advantages of Going ‘Pro’ – The Passionate Mbox

The Mbox Pro by Avid is the much more costly, luxurious version of the Mbox – a lengthy revered recording interface for musicians and studio technicians alike. But with the success and great features of the typical Mbox, is it really worth paying the money to get the ‘Pro’ model, or is it purely a bragging right? Keep reading to learn.

One of the key differences in between the conventional Mbox and the Pro is the extra 4 channels (the normal Mbox only has 4, the Pro has 8). So immediately, if you have the need to concurrently tape-record 4+ channels of audio, you’re mosting likely to have to go with the Mbox Pro.

But this isn’t the only differentiator. Another considerable difference in between the devices is that the Pro has much better top quality convertors and preamps – an excellent selling factor for those audiophiles consumed with high taping top quality.

The Pro is also with the ability of 192kHz recording (although at the time of composing, Pro Tools just supports recording at 96kHz, which coincides as the basic Mbox).

A great feature is the 2 Line inputs (1/4″ TRS), that are excellent for attaching energetic, high-gain input sources such as key-boards to the tool.

One of the important things that might turn-off possible Mbox Pro’ers is that it makes use of FireWire for interfacing with your COMPUTER/ Mac and has a separate power supply (unlike the standard design, which uses USB 2.0 and has no different power supply). This means the tool isn’t really as portable as the less costly versions. If OST recovery want a very mobile option (for laptop based recording, as an example) after that you need to possibly avoid the Pro.

An additional great function of the Pro is that it natively sustains 5.1 border stereo, which the less expensive models do not. If you plan on doing any kind of recording and/or blending for videos, this might be of concern to you.

The Pro likewise has a jack for a footswitch, allowing you to promptly and easily toggle Pro Tools functions while videotaping online. This is particularly beneficial for 1-man procedures where you’re at the same time playing the part of workshop technician and recording musician.

Of course the large inquiry is: is the device worth the walking in rate? It is, afterall, almost 50% a lot more pricey than the standard model. And the response to this inquiry will certainly hinge on whether you will possibly need the extra functions. If you could manage with 4 or less channels of sound, have no need for 5.1 surround sound, or if you want a portable option, the conventional gadget is probably the way to go. You may also deserve taking a look at the ‘Mini’, which has 2 input channels and is significantly less expensive.

In recap, the Mbox Pro is a very effective recording gadget, and is feature-rich sufficient to function as the centre-piece of an expert recording set up. On this same stream of consciousness, if you don’t require the added functions supplied by the Pro, it is a lot more economical to select among its cheaper cousins – the Mbox standard or the Mini.

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